Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow! Has time flied!

I have been so bad at blogging these last few months so here are some pics to kind of catch you up on our growing little girl. We love everyday with Peyton, because she is always doing something new. Her little personality lights up our home along with her little giggles. Grandma nancy got Peyton this rocking horse for Christmas.

Christmas morning at Grandma Jennifer's and Grandpa Louis's house. Peyton was wide eyed all morning looking at all of her new toys.

Each year at my Grandma and Grandpa Bringhurst's house it's tradition that we have a big get together and do a nativity scene. All of the kids in these nativity pics are my cousins (minus my neice Mylee), since her and Peyton are great-grandkids. Peyton and Cooper were both baby Jesus since they were born this year.
Peyton's new BLING!! She was such a good girl; she cried for just a little.

Peyton's first Chirstmas...Sitting on Santa's lap with cousin Mylee

We went to Disneyland over Thanksgiving with Chris's family. We had a blast and hope to go back when Peyton is a little older to remember it.